The Malta Jazz School originally started in 2015 as a service for private saxophone tuition, targeting a niche market for one of the most important instruments in the world of jazz music. With a primary focus on tone, ear training, listening, and improvisation techniques, these private sessions began to embody the more general approach to various elements of jazz music, apart from the instrument techniques. With the help of other established musicians, our mission is to create an easily-accessible school that brings this music into the lives of anyone with a particular curiosity and passion for the free, creative, and artistic qualities that define jazz, making it such an intense means of expression around the world.

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Our philosophy revolves around an understanding that each and every student has his or her own method of learning, as well as a personal musical goal that, more often than not, doesn't match the general academic approach. Instead of focusing on what is considered standard practice for music students, we work with them to help in achieving these goals as quickly as possible.

From 2021, the school has been slowly shifting to an online mode of teaching, with the introduction of individual tuition by artists from various countries; these courses are suitable for students of all skill levels. We are also working on putting together a series of online masterclasses with established musicians from Europe and the USA. We are constantly striving to make make our teaching methods as flexible as possible and to ensure that our approach is accessible to as many people as possible. 

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